Brassica Oleracea Series: Cauliflowers, Cabbages & Kales


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Note: This writeup focus on growing behaviours of difference cauliflower & cabbages in same settings, compare and contrast the different cultivars. This post is purely based on growers' observations, your results may vary. No part of this can be reused without written permission from the blog writer.

We started our journey of growing cauliflower, cabbages and kales around 2014. For cauliflower, we were very fortunate to chance upon a good cultivar, Green world 307 on first try. It has been a really smooth sailing and rewarding journey. 

However, for cabbages, we only managed to get good harvest for first and second round. Subsequently, the plot had been plagued with aphids and is highly humid. It has really become a chore to be productive on cabbages. We stopped growing that.

At that time, we also needed the space for our weekly harvest of leafy vegetables for customers. Cauliflower needs pretty big space to grow well and they dislike being cramped together. Hence, due to space constrain, we typically grow them yearly during Lunar New Year period as special crops only.

Being a special crop also means it cannot fail. That kind of restrict our risk appetite too. Hence, we have been growing the same proven cultivar for years.

We grow various type of kales. Love the curly kale best.  It is an easy and very versatile crop that we love.


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With the new plot ready and a slightly different focus, we are all excited to restart the journey. 

This site is built with the purpose to look into different crops and see which cultivars can do better consistently in our climate while adjusting some inputs parameters. 

New Plot, New Journey

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We went on to acquire 6 different cultivars of cauliflowers and 2 cultivars of cabbage and started the seeding process around Nov, taking advantage of the cool weather. Our tropical green house temperature is in the range of 28 to 42 degree C on the cooler months.

We will update the following in the coming months. Do look out for our monthly post or follow our FB or IG to be notified.

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