Our Eco Lodge

The Rational

The first step towards sustainability is really about acquiring less. We seek to reuse as much as we can, whatever that is already onsite.

Recycle and reuse required lots of planning and coordination on the planner/builder part. The person needs to really think out of the box too.

It is always easier and less work to just outsource, pay someone to just bulldoze the whole place, throw away all the old,  acquire new and restart.

But let’s walk the talk. Being eco friendly starts from OWN. Do the little thing right.

This lodge that we have built uses at least 80% of recycled materials. Things that are brand new are mostly for structural building, due to safety concerns. 

Sharing Our Thoughts

These are some up-cycling little tricks we did. We will expand and add the details for each item Monthly. Stay tune!

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Most materials used for structural built up are acquired but we put in enormous effort to ensure good planting conditions like temperature and airflow are achieved with zero or minimum power consumption, water & drainage management are achieved with lowest possible cost using back to basic methods

Trick #12: The Finale

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