Building a little Urban Oasis

  Greetings from Wan Ying! My edibles growing journey started in 2010 when I could not get trusted sources of pesticide free edibles, but refused to accept that. Take Charge Yourself!  #TakeChargeYourself #NotHappyChangeIt #TakeChargeYourself Aimed with the lifelong motto of "if you are not happy, change it. If you cannot change it, accept and adapt, get the best out of it",  I went on my edibles planting learning journey and eventually achieved self sustainability  since 2012. Tired of  the constant struggle to find a place to plant a little something, we went on to design and patented (patent id: 10201708994T) an aquaponic soil-based home vertical system to enable ourselves to plant edibles in our homes. My space, my way. 30by30 Dream of Individual #30by30 #Empower&BeInspire Land is so scarce in Singapore. Between using the space to build roofs over the heads for the citizens and growing food, the former will always take priority .  But if we can inspire and empower 30%

Cold Process Soaps

Long lasting Cold Process soaps with all natural ingredients. Nothing but the best for you!  Aloe Vera Soap Pandan Soap Handcrafted by local soap artist (#TheBunnySoapWorks) using cold process technique which retains the natural goodness of the top grade natural ingredients from local boutique farm ( #LittleUrbanOasis). Market and brought to you by local gardening e-platform. (#GoPasar) Why Cold Process Soaps? #CPSoaps #NaturalIngredients Main advantage of this soap making technique is having complete control over the ingredients. It allows the maker to incorporate natural and skin loving ingredients into the soap with no detergent. All Natural Aloe Vera Soap #AloeVera #Pesticide&ChemicalFree Using all natural edible top grade Aloe Vera plants  ( Aloe vera barbadensis,  Aloe barbadensis  or  Aloe vera barbadensis Miller ). Cultivated  in a  100% pesticide and chemical free boutique farm (#LittleUrbanOasis). It cleans the skin while  moisturises  and soothes it, thoroughly utilises

Soil Enzymes and it's effect

Note: No part of this document, be it pictures or content can be reproduced/reused without written permission to this blog owner. #Revisioning Revision 1 published on 21 Oct 2020 Revised edition on 17 Mar 2022 I am a film believer of soil health and beneficial microbes. I personally witnessed my clayey orange soil  transformed to  rich dark loamy texture soil over time with right beneficial microbes introduced when I first embarked on the journey to grow food for own consumption.  Yes, it takes time as compare to instant results using chemicals but it is definitely worth the while in the long run. I struggled for the first half to one year, see lights on second year and simply love it thereafter. 10 years on, you can take anything from my plot, but not my microbes rich soil. To grow food for fun and have that occasional harvests is a great experience. Growing food with expected harvests outcome at timely manner bring planting to a total different level. To have that, soil health is abs

Possible to grow leek from vegetable scraps in tropical weather?

Over the years, have seen lots of Youtube videos on rooting and regrowing vegetables from vegetable scraps. However, my experience doing that in tropical weather have not been very successful all this while. Most of the time, the high humidity causes the vegetable scraps to rot eventually. During the Covid-19 lock down period, with time at hand and homebound, I decided to document the whole journey of regrowing leek from scraps using both water method and soil.  Leek is chosen for convenience as it is supposedly easy to grow. S ome do look lush initially but unfortunately all eventually never able to flourish further. In short, it is a fun discovery journey  but to grow for food, it is better off to start with proper seeds or cuttings. We started off with leek from the supermarket. Cut off 2 inches of base. The rest we use them for cooking as per normal. Fig 1,  Two inches of the base. No roots. We started off with this Water rooting is used for a start. 1-2mm of water

Growing Black Bean

Most of the older generations are very familiar with consuming long bean leaves as food. Black bean leaves actually taste very similar to long bean leaves. We grew black bean some times back for the delicious nutritional black beans. Along the way, surprises keep popping up. Not only are the beans delicious, the leaves taste as good as the green bean leaves. Even the young pods/beans can be stir fry and eaten as a dish! In short, almost every parts of the plant can be eaten at different stages of growth. Best of all, they actually taste good. The bean vines grow pretty fast. At day 4, the sprouts will be about 15cm tall already.  They should be about 1 foot tall by month one and will need some kind of support from then.  The figure below shows 2 rows of 2 months old vines at about 1m height  Fig 2: 2 months old black bean Vine.  The typical spacing needed per vine is 30x30cm, if you plant them in a planter bed. For best result, the depth of planter should b

Year 2020: a year where food sustainability takes front stage due to Covid-19

It has been a long while since our last posts. Lots have happened and we went a long way.  Managed to be self sustained on our vegetables sources for a while already. But that is only for own families and closed friends. The onset of convid-19 pandemic hits every countries in the globe hard, forcing businesses to close, air traffic stops, countries went into lockdown/standstills and many lost their lives.  That is when you really feel the important of having essential food sources locally, within the country is so  very important.  In a lockdown situation where all are confined to own home and even essential workers reduced to minimum counts and hence manpower stretched, it is so important to be able to grow something fast with least effort. More so for perishable item like fresh vegetables which have very short shelf life. Starting June, we will restart our biweekly post on Friday, starting with black beans, an easy crops that can achieve just that.  Stay tune !