Building a little Urban Oasis


Greetings from Wan Ying!

My edibles growing journey started in 2010 when I could not get trusted sources of pesticide free edibles, but refused to accept that.

Take Charge Yourself


Aimed with the lifelong motto of "if you are not happy, change it. If you cannot change it, accept and adapt, get the best out of it", I went on my edibles planting learning journey and eventually achieved self sustainability since 2012.

Tired of  the constant struggle to find a place to plant a little something, we went on to design and patented (patent id: 10201708994T) an aquaponic soil-based home vertical system to enable ourselves to plant edibles in our homes. My space, my way.

30by30 Dream of Individual


Land is so scarce in Singapore. Between using the space to build roofs over the heads for the citizens and growing food, the former will always take priority

But if we can inspire and empower 30% of Singaporean to reprioritise their own home space to just plant 30% of their own food, the mini version of 30by30 dream is definitely achievable!

Work with Locals for the Locals


Always admire how the Japanese small companies work together and help each other like a co-operation.  We are already so small, why kill each other?

We seek out credible local small or home based businesses with complementing strengths, focus on each core competency, bind together and and go to market as one.

We have already seen great synergies collaborating with #GoPasar, our e-marketing and e-learning partner, #sewingbunny, sewing and soap making home base business, talented calligrapher  as well as trained yoga instructors and many more.

Together, this allow us to offer holistic solutions to our end clients in the space of food and wellness while staying true to our passions.

Still Curious About Us?


You can reach us through
Or simply message us at FB or IG. We are always happy to chat and connect with liked minded people. Let us inspire each other to plant our own edibles!

More About what we do?


Setup Edibles Garden and Teach People How to Grow Edibles

Since 2015, our team have been out and about in helping homes to grow their own edibles with good successfully. Guiding willing learners to learn the art of growing from level zero to full independence.

Expand the Edibles Growing Warriors Out There

Crisis brings about changes. Covid triggers more people to want to be self sustained. Knowledge in growing helps make that possible. Let the team that walk the talk to pass the passion on. 

Join Our Signature Online Workshops, be inspired and empowered. For more information, do follow us on our FB/IG where we will announce the courses from time to time. We do this typically only once a year or when we have new planting discoveries to share. 

For private training classes, do message or email us to discuss.

Organise Group Buy For Beginners Who Need Tools

Lost about what is good and what to buy? Join our Telegram Group to get the latest update on group buy.

A Little More About Us 

Food for family is the simple mission.

What started as a simple desire to be self sufficient on own vegetables supply and a little love and passion on farming brings about Little Urban Oasis.

We strive to bring to you what we will give to our love ones.

We strive to grow naturally and responsibly. Say no to chemical/growth hormones to speed up the growing cycle, no to periodic preventive application of pesticide to keep pests at bay.

We perfect our planting processes through years of working with our crops, understand what is the best environment for optimal crops growth, naturally.

We use companion plants and natural remedies ( like mints, herbs) to keep pests to a minimum. We try to strike a balance between good yield and respecting the natural eco system.

The natural way takes time, patience, lots of passion and love. It is challenging but definitely more sustainable years down the road. We may not see it today but your children and grand children will. 

A little Video about us by Hello Singapore on Youtube


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