Eco Trick #4 Washing Area Setup

Improvised Sink Stand

A free standing stainless steel sink sounds really tempting for a semi outdoor settings. However, they are rather pricy and preloved piece are hard to come by. 

Simple wall mount wash basin however can be easily found discarded at new BTO flats during renovation. The challenge is, without a proper wall, how to support it?

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Was blessed a huge Toyogo hardy industrial storage box many years ago. Originally it was being use like a small bath tub by the first owner. It outlived it's purpose and was passed on to us.

The material is good and is pretty strong. We therefore decided to use it as sink's stand. We have leftover PVC pipes, an old tap from last home renovation. Put all together,  tie a laundry string to the box and we have a support, towels hanging area as well as space to store pails and washing items. Perfect for us.

Once again, other than the UPVC bottle trap at sink discharge point, all the rest of the items are recycled.

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