Eco Trick #7 Planting Tools & Shoes Racks

Make On Going Tools Accessible

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Discarded broken laundry rack, old garden shed abandoned by a rooftop garden, down to mini stool are all important part of the setup.

These are tools that you need to use on a regular basis. They have to be kept away from rain, but still remain easily accessible and well ventilated (not in closed up cupboard). This allow them to be dried up well before next use. 

A discarded laundry rack above has been retrofitted with blessed PVC pipes, laundry lines, small wire hooks to organise tools as well as hang gardening boots

All gardening tools like spades, gardening hoes are hung up after use. Pruning scissors, measuring cups, spoons, spray bottles, gloves, blooms and watering cans are all nicely organise for easy access. 

Rats love to build nest in gardening rubber boots. Hanging them upside down deter the rats from doing that. They are cleaner when stored this way and and will not collect dust too.

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Watering cans are hang onto hooks secured onto a repurposed wooden bed frame. Laundry hangers are used to hold cotton gloves. Rubber gloves however need to be inverted to dry well. Small bamboo poles supported by pet bottle with sand are used to hang the waterproof rubber gloves upright for drying. 

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A discarded small storage gardening shed in picture above is used to store gardening supplies and stuff that you wish to keep out of reach to rats. ( strings, cloth bags etc). We secured a laundry string around the base, secured a few PVC pipes in place to give us extra shoes space too.

Am blessed with a water barrel with nice cover as shown above. It is very useful for water mixing, mainly for activation of soil enzymes as well as transporting rain/fish pond water. We painted it dark green to match our planting bags color. Over time, we found a acrylic sheet, place it over the top and it becomes a nice side table too.

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