Eco Trick #8 Organising Maintenance Tools & Planting Supplies

Keep Your Space Neat Over Time

Any setup will need regular maintenance to stay functional, neat and tidy.  For a planting plot, regular maintenance is a must. There will be tools that you will need to keep so that you can use them from time to time for regular upkeep of the place.

There will definitely be planting supplies like compost, soil, fertilisers etc that you will need to store well for regular use too.

Enclosed Space For Beloved Tools

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A planting plot is typically a semi outdoor space. Hot, windy, humid and maybe subjected to occasional rain splashes too. Ideal storage rack will be of stainless steel anti rust materials. 

We placed 90% of our tools in enclosed plastic boxes and placed on preloved stainless steel rack like above. Some bulky tools will need to be exposed but those are typically very rugged and will be fine.

It is important to keep them in closed containers to keep the rats out. They can chew up everything and will try to build nest in any dry, dark space. They can, of course chew a hole into it if they wish but these smart fellows will chose the easiest way out, find another place instead of working way too hard.


It is important to keep all fertiliser tie up and cover to keep them dry. This will also keep the smell out and store longer.

We keep small portion of fertiliser or gardening supplies in recycled plastic containers. These will be the container that you carry around the garden and do your weekly tasks. Replenished them from time to time when they are empty. This will also reduce the frequency where you need to constantly open the big fertiliser pack and risk contaminating them. 

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