Eco Trick #11 Simple Leaves Collection System


For this eco series, 90 to 95% of all the materials used are all recycled/up-cycled materials except when safety is concerned. Materials needed for building structure like beams, roof cover are acquired, all others are recycled/upcycled.
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As much as we can, we wish to keep the trees. Especially matured trees. They help fight global warming, give shade and keep us cool.

However, we have to learn how to manage the dropped leaves and twigs that can pose issue to our shed's roof.  Our roof gradient is not steep ( due to cost reason which we will skip here ). Debris gathered on roof. This not only can cause potential early damage to the roof but also mozzie's risk. 

How to build something over the roof easily, cost effective, does not block  the sun and yet easy to clear away debris, hence pose zero mozzie risk?

The team looked through all the existing material gifted to us till date, then set our brain cracking.

Solving the Inconvenience Given By Trees 

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We utilise recycled agriculture black stripes blessed by fellow gardeners plus some left over agriculture white netting. Overlay them over the roof with some gap in-between the roof layer and the netting. 

At the edge, we lowered the netting and formed a little gutter using the netting then secured to the trees that we have saved. The end result is a nice little leaves collection system as shown below.

By preventing the leaves/fruits/seeds from resting on the roof but lifted up and rest on netting, it allows natural air flow to dry the leaves hence not sticking to the roof and congregate together. 

Along with strong breeze from time to time, they get "sweep" to the end of the roof and fall onto the "netting gutter". This further allows water to drain off and the leaves to dry up.

Weekly, we just release the string, collect the leaves and contribute them to our compost heap. This is indeed a complete circle of recycled and reused.

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